Landscape Designing & Land & Property Information Services

Landscape Designing and Land and Property Information Services

GIS-Landscape Designing and Land an Property Information Services:

Azee Systems is a leading provider of high-quality Land, Property Information, Landscaping Data Management and Mapping Services to multiple industries clients worldwide. The Azee Systems mapping team creates and maintains detailed Land/Property management maps and an array of sophisticated databases to meet client needs. We take great pride in our ability to create a superior Map and database of Land/Properties and Landscaping both in residential and commercial properties.

  • Land-Property database mapping
  • Property Data Analysis
  • Roof top inspection and features mapping
  • Detailed and accurate roof maps
  • Complete Roof Inventory
  • Roof Assembly Detail
  • Precise, Automated Measurements, Detailed Reports
  • Bridge Inspection and mapping
  • Solar Panel Thermal Inspection Mapping
  • Commercial Building Inspections Mapping
  • Snow Management and Mapping
  • Lawn, Garden Care Database Mapping
  • Transportation & Road Network Mapping
  • Parking Lot Mapping
  • Tree care Mapping